10 Coolest New M3 MacBook Pro Accessories


Apple’s M3 MacBook Pro just showed up and fans are already in love with it. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, then you might want to add a few additional accessories that might improve your overall user experience. So, take a look at our 10 Coolest New Accessories for Apple’s M3 MacBook Pro.

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Coolest New Accessories for Apple’s M3 MacBook Pro List: (Affiliate Link)

00:00 – Introduction

00:24 – 10. Magnito
Link: https://geni.us/Vhpwe5g

01:26 – 9. Airpods Pro (2nd Gen)
Link: https://geni.us/VuOh4C

02:05 – 8. Anker 737 Power Bank
Link: https://geni.us/VpXsD7c

02:33 – 7. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD
Link: https://geni.us/ZUxMfqA

03:02 – 6. Timovo Sleeve Case
Link: https://geni.us/d4gWB

03:49 – 5. Zendure SuperTank
Link: https://geni.us/MybTu

04:25 – 4. MOFT Laptop Stand
Link: https://geni.us/livzIL

04:52 – 3. WD_BLACK P50
Link: https://geni.us/ZFJiAY

05:29 – 2. SINEX 3-in-1 laptop stand case
Link: https://geni.us/Qlna9C

06:12 – 1. Samson Go Mic
Link: https://geni.us/B38IjB

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