2024 iPad and Mac Computer Accessories – Stands, Hubs, and Docks with SSD Enclosure by CABLETIME


In this video we cover accessories for your 2024 iPad or Apple Mac Computer. We showcase both an 8-in-1 Stand and Hub for your 2024 iPad Pro, iPad Air, and even the 10th Generation iPad. We also product showcase a 15-in-1 MacBook and Mac Hub/Dock with a built in SSD enclosure for adding additional SSD space to your Mac computers like the MacBook Air, Pro, iMac and Mac mini. These products are offered by CABLETIME, and they provide an entire line of iPad and MacBook accessories to help you get more work done with your Apple devices.

Check out the accessories for the new 2024 iPad Pro, iPad Air, and the older 10th generation iPads plus the M1, M2, and M4 Macs.

0:00 – Introduction – CABLETIME Accessories
1:15 – IPad Stand and Hub
5:12 – Mac Docking Station with SSD Enclosure
9:43 – Final Thoughts


Visit the Main CABLETIME Website – https://cabletimetech.com/

8-in-1 CABLETIME iPad Stand and USB-C Hub – https://cabletimetech.com/products/8-in-1-usb-c-hub-with-foldable-stand-for-ipad-pro-android-tablet

15-in-1 CABLETIME Mac Docking Station with NVMe SSD enclosure – https://cabletimetech.com/products/8k-usb-laptop-docking-station-dual-hdmi-three-monitors-for-asus-dell-macbook

Please contact CABLETIME for any questions you have about their products, ordering, future products, and more – https://cabletimetech.com/pages/contact-us

Thank you for watching this video and please visit the websites above for more information on these great Accessories that work with both Apple iPads and Mac computers.