3-in-1 MagSafe Foldable Wireless Charger Apple Watch AirPods Portable Unbox Demo Review


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3-in-1 MagSafe Foldable Wireless Charger Apple Watch AirPods Portable Unbox Demo Review
This is a great design for an extremely portable wireless charger for your MagSafe Compatible iPhone, your Apple Watch, and your AirPods or other Earbuds from LG or Samsung or others that are Qi Wireless Charging Compatible. This comes with the charging brick and cord as well to guarantee you have the power you need for Fast MagSafe charging of your iPhone. This folds up nice and small and can be laid flat or standing for use for charging. It comes in black and white and is a simple product that just works great. Awesome way to keep all your devices charged at home or when traveling. This video is an unboxing as well as my full review and demonstration footage so you can see it in action in the many different configurations.

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