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The last few years have been big for Punjabi singer, rapper, and lyricist Karan Aujla. With the international success of recent collaborative projects like the Punjabi summer pop album Making Memories with Toronto-based producer Ikky and a team-up with Indian hip-hop legend DIVINE on “Street Dreams", Aujla’s quick-witted bars and innovative melodies have brought Punjabi music to new heights.

And his latest EP is no different. Preempting any stagnation, Aujla showcases his signature lyrical prowess and emotional earnestness on four diverse tracks. He brings melodious and lovesick vocals on “IDK How” (over a sample of the 1999 Punjabi folk hit “Aaja Sohneya”) before switching to the brooding, trappy punches of “Who They?”. “Antidote” and “Y.D.G.” feel like an extension of Aujla’s upbeat work on Making Memories, groovy and addictive while still grounded. If anything, despite his burgeoning career in recent years, Four Me is a bold reminder that Karan Aujla is only just getting started.

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