Apple AirPlay’s audiophile ‘Easter Egg’


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0:00 Intro
1:08 Not for hi-res fans
2:56 How AirPlay 1 works
5:47 How AirPlay 2 works
8:05 Is my receiver AirPlay 1 or 2?
8:21 It’s the app wot done it
10:22 Is my app AirPlay 1 or 2?

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This video’s findings jive with What Hifi’s AirPlay 2 explainer piece (last updated in March 2023) that reads: “However, the news isn’t so good with regards to using AirPlay 2 to send lossless Apple Music streams. Apple Music’s Lossless streams supposedly convert from ALAC (Apple’s lossless codec) into AAC (Apple’s lossy codec) at a pretty lowly 256kbps when transmitted over AirPlay – and therefore not losslessly.”

Apple Airport Express (discontinued)

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