Apple, I’m done


For the last 7 years this issue has been building in my mind and I finally decided it needed a whole video. Apple’s storage pricing is simply out of control! They have abandoned all semblance of reality and descended into madness with their outrageous pricing structure. It’s absolutely unacceptable and damaging to not just the consumer, but their own product stack! Today we’re going to examine this issue and see why Apple is a ripoff!!

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Time stamps
0:00 This has to change..
1:21 Apple’s storage prices are nonsense
2:46 Contextualizing the insanity
4:48 What about other laptops?
6:12 The Mac lineup is worse now
7:36 Don’t give Apple your money!!
8:38 My SSD of choice
9:32 SSD upgrades DEPRECIATE!

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