Apple’s 32-inch (2024 iMac Pro) – EVERY LEAK WE KNOW!!


The highly anticipated new iMac is set to make waves in the tech world with its 2024 release. The upcoming iMac 2024 is expected to feature the powerful M4 Pro chip, marking a significant upgrade from previous models. Enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the iMac M4 Pro release date, which promises to deliver enhanced performance and efficiency. Reviews of the 2023 iMac have set high expectations, and the iMac M4 is poised to surpass them. Apple has hinted at a range of configurations, including a 30-inch iMac Pro and a 32-inch iMac, catering to both professional and casual users. With the iMac M4 release date drawing near, speculation about the price and availability of the iMac 24 2024 and other models continues to build. The addition of M4 Max and M4 Ultra options further expands the versatility of the iMac lineup, making the 2024 iMac an exciting prospect for Apple fans worldwide.

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00:00 Introduction
01:10 – Apple’s 32-inch (2024 iMac Pro): Display & Pro Motion
02:10 – Apple’s 32-inch (2024 iMac Pro): M4 Pro/Max & Design
03:29 – Apple’s 32-inch (2024 iMac Pro): Ports
04:11 – Apple’s 32-inch (2024 iMac Pro): Release Date
04:42 – Apple’s 32-inch (2024 iMac Pro): Price
05:35 Conclusion

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