Apple’s iPad event in 12 minutes


Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ event gave us our first look at its long-awaited iPad Pro updates: 13-inch and 11-inch models with OLED displays and the thinnest design yet. Oh, and the front-facing camera is now in the correct (landscape) position for video calls. We also got a look at the M4 chip. Apple says the chip’s CPU is 50 percent faster than the M2, making it “an outrageously powerful chip for AI.” We also got a look at new accessories like the Apple Pencil Pro and updated Magic Keyboard. Here’s everything you missed. #Apple #Technology

00:00 iPad Air
01:41 iPad Air Specs and Price
02:05 iPad Pro
03:59 – M4 chip specs breakdown
05:27 – iPad Pro materials makes it faster
06:13 – Final Cut Pro & Live Multicam
07:41 – Logic Pro 2 & ChromaGlow
08:31 iPad Pro Cameras, LiDAR, and True Tone Flash
09:23 Magic Keyboard
09:52 Apple Pencil Pro
10:50 iPad Pro Specs and Prices

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