Apple’s Mac gaming strategy will FAIL unless they do this..


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Quick video about why current take on Apple’s Mac gaming strategy and how they can turn this around.

00:00 The problem with Mac gaming
01:25 PC gaming is better.. (Sponsor)
02:34 Chicken and egg situation
03:30 Hardware isn’t the problem (Switch)
04:02 Why iPhone games don’t get ported to Mac
04:57 What is Apple’s Mac gaming strategy?
06:32 Why Apple’s strategy isn’t working
07:18 Mac similarities to Steam Deck and Proton
08:57 Apple are SO close
09:39 D3DMetal needs to be open sourced
11:24 Breaking the cycle

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Master M1 game compatibility list:
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Check out AppleGamingWiki:

►► Mac:
Record screen audio and gameplay (Mac):
Set 16:9 aspect ratio (Mac):
Highlight mouse cursor (Mac):
Display keystrokes (Mac):
Snap windows (Rectangle, Mac):
OBS setup (Mac):
Temperature/fan monitor (Mac):
►► General:
Microphone setup (Blue Yeti):
Greenscreen setup (OBS):
Note-taking (Notion, Mac):
Highlight mouse cursor (Windows):
DIY 2TB SSD USB-C (Mac and Windows):

► Windows gaming on Mac:
►► Windows on M1 Mac Tutorial:
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