Apple’s Most Jam-Packed Keynote Ever!


WWDC brought about home screen customization, a new Control Center, and the much awaited “Apple Intelligence."
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WWDC 2024 brings a lot of new features and updates with Apple’s iOS 18, including dark mode app icons, Control Center customization, app privacy controls, iMessage enhancements, Safari Highlights, Photos app redesign, AirPods improvements, and more. It also covers changes to watchOS 11, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, and introduces Apple Intelligence, an AI system that aims to understand user requests and provide relevant information—just like failed efforts from Humane and Rabbit AI. We’ll discuss the potential impact of Apple Intelligence and the challenges of delivering on its promises.

0:00 There was SO MUCH stuff!
0:20 TV+? Yeah, TV+.
1:11 Game Mode to play no games better
2:40 visionOS 2
4:08 Your Mac is a disaster
5:15 iOS 18 is HUGE
5:38 Springboard changes galore
7:05 Control Center, but actually good!
8:02 Facilitate lying, dishonesty, and secrecy
8:38 iMessage updates
9:34 A litany of small, but nice changes
10:25 Photos has been entirely redesigned
11:15 Shake, shake your AirPods
11:56 watchOS 11
13:29 iPadOS got HUGE upgrades… right? ….right?
15:29 macOS Sequoia
17:33 Small tvOS features like Christopher Nolan Mode
18:00 Apple Intelligence—don’t listen to hot-takes yet
18:31 What “is” Apple Intelligence?
19:17 Image generation is kinda wack
20:07 Less “flashy” AI features will be more useful
20:32 Apple’s intent engine promises were HUGE
22:14 This will be a HUGE deal or a HUGE failure