Apple’s New AirPods Has a Hidden Problem


Apple’s New AirPods Has a Hidden Problem.

So I’ve had the new, more expensive Airpod Pro’s for a couple weeks now and I’ve noticed something things. There’s been great changes like USB C, and volume control. Which to be clear, these are the only Airpods with either, so revolutionary stuff for Apple.

But there’s a problem with noise cancelling.

You see the way noise cancelling works is a smart system. A microphone first listens to the noise. Then a chip processes it. And then a speaker creates the opposite sound wave to cancel it out. So if the process is fast enough, by the time it gets to your ear, the noise signal is flat.

But there’s a common situation where that fails.

I first noticed this on the London tube. There’s constantly loud, high pitched sounds. And the AirPods fail to block this. Cuz higher pitch sounds have high frequency waves. This means there is less time for the AirPods to produce the right anti noise wave.

And this is a problem with all noise cancelling, it’s not just that

My engineering degree lol but also