Base model 14″ M3 MacBook Pro: NOT what I expected AT ALL


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The NEW M3 and M3 Pro MacBook Pros are out, and boy are these some hyped up computers! The first laptops to employ 3nm microarchitecture and the first MacBooks with hardware raytracing, they promise some impressive gains! Today we’ll put that to the test by examining the base model M3 MacBook Pro- how much faster is M3 vs M2 MacBook Pro? What has changed for the base 14 inch MacBook Pro? And what about M3 vs M3 Pro? Let’s get into it!

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Buy M3 Pro MacBook Pro:

Time stamps
0:00 The controversial 14”
2:47 Teardown- internal differences
3:45 Smaller battery?
5:00 Benchmarks
5:21 Fan noise
6:00 CPU scores
6:58 Blender CPU
7:42 Blender GPU
8:48 GFXBench
9:47 Shadow of the Tomb Raider
11:05 SSD Speed test
12:02 Final Cut Pro Render

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