Blackmagic Camera app on iPad Pro M2, external SSD for video, external microphone, HDMI clean output


In this video I’m showing you the Blackmagic Camera app on the iPad Pro M2 and how to connect an external SSD for ProRes video recording. I’m also showing how to connect an external microphone to use with the iPad Pro for recording dialogue for the Blackmagic Camera app recordings and I also show how to get a clean HDMI video output from the iPad Pro. This is all done at the same time.

As the iPad Pro M2 is Thunderbolt compatible, I’m using a Thunderbolt hub by ACASIS, the DS-9001. This Thunderbolt hub is also compatible with USB peripherals via USB C. The Thunderbolt hub then allows the connection of the external SSD for recording video directly to. And the Thunderbolt hub also allows for the connection of a USB audio interface which then allows for the connection of external microphones.

For the external Thunderbolt SSD I’m using the ACASIS TBU405Pro M1 with a WD SN850X 4TB M.2 SSD inside of it. This particular combination for the external Thunderbolt SSD is as fast as you can get for any Thunderbolt SSD.

The USB audio interface that I’m using is the Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD. This is a Class Compliant interface and allows the connection of any XLR condenser microphone, or any XLR dynamic microphone or a dynamic microphone on 1/4″ jack. This setup will also allow for the connection and the recording of two separate microphones simultaneously into the Blackmagic Camera app.

In the screen shots for the Blackmagic Camera app interface, you may have noticed that the video codec said H.265. This wasn’t the case with actual test clips, the codec was set to ProRes 422 HQ.

I also forgot to mention that the USB C to HDMI cable is one by Cable Creation.

Here’s the chapters for the video:
00:00 Introduction and explanation of the video
01:24 Explanation of the hardware being used
04:45 How to setup the hardware
05:35 The Thunderbolt 4 hub
08:31 The Thunderbolt SSD
11:29 The USB audio interface
14:06 The USB C to HDMI cable
14:58 Showing everything setup
16:18 Showing the Blackmagic Camera app settings
18:12 Showing the external HDMI monitor
19:45 Test shot 1
20:40 Test shot 2
21:36 Test shot 3
24:07 Test shot 4
24:47 Test shot 5
26:20 Test shot 6
30:15 Test shot 7

ACASIS DS-900 Thunderbolt 4 hub
ACASIS TBU405Pro M1 Thunderbolt 4 USB 4 M.2 NVME SSD enclosure
ACASIS website

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