DIY Miniature box with apples | 1/12 size | Dollhouse accessories


For technical reasons this video has been restarted.
I explained the manufacturing process and materials in the description.

– coffee sticks and regular matches – for a wooden box;
– wood stain that covers a wooden box;
– polymer clay for baking (I use white) – bake according to instructions on the package;
– polymer clay for baking – brown – for the back side of apples – bake according to the instructions on the package;
– dry pastel (рlease note, I apply dry pastel to polymer clay before baking);
– acrylic paint of brown and red colors (attention, I apply acrylic paint diluted with water with a thin brush after baking the polyer clay);
– glossy varnish for polymer clay (use according to the instructions on the varnish package);
– dry viburnum sprig – for cuttings on apples;
– cyacrine-based glue – for gluing cuttings onto apples and assembling a box (attention – toxic! Use only in a well-ventilated area).


00:00 | intro
00:12 | preparing sticks and matches for a wooden box
00:37 | gluing the box
02:12 | cover the box with wood stain
02:21 | knead the polymer clay and divide it into equal balls according to the size of the future apples
02:59 | give the balls the shape of apples and make indentations on two opposite sides
03:49 | paint the apples with dry pastels – yellow and green on top, where the stem will be, brown on the bottom, yellow and red on the sides
04:36 | bake apples according to the instructions on the polymer clay package
04:38 | glue brown polymer clay onto transparent baking paste and loosen it, bake again
05:50 | cut a viburnum sprig into small cuttings and glue it to the recess in the apple using transparent cyacrine glue
06:39 | using a very thin brush, apply in short strokes diluted acrylic paint from brown and red colors mixed with water
07:48 | coat each apple with glossy varnish (use according to the instructions on the varnish packaging)
08:04 | put the finished apples in a wooden box

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