DO NOT BUY these Apple Products in 2023


In today’s tech breakdown, we’re spotlighting the Apple products not to buy now in 2023, especially if they’re due for a much-needed refresh. 🍎🔄

Is the MacBook Pro still the powerhouse it once was, or is it lagging behind? Has the MacBook Air lost its edge in the ultraportable category? With the iPhone 14 stealing the limelight, are there older models that just aren’t worth the investment anymore? Dive in as we discuss these and more.

We’ll also touch upon the AirPods – are they still the revolutionary earbuds they once were? The HomePod’s place in the evolving smart speaker market, and the iPads – including the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro – that might be better left on the shelf this year.

Join us for this essential guide, ensuring you’re only investing in the best and latest from Apple’s lineup, and avoiding those products that are on the brink of becoming outdated.

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