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Windows on M1 Mac Tutorial:

This video is about whether you should activate Windows 11 ARM if you are running it as a virtual machine through software such as Parallels. I show some of the legal arguments about whether activating Windows 11 ARM complies with Microsoft’s EULA and what kind of product keys will be accepted by Windows 11 ARM. I also show the workarounds involved in removing annoyances such as the Activate Windows watermark and also how to change the background and personalize Windows 11 ARM. I also discuss grey market keys and the pros and cons of using them to permanently remove the nag screens fromWindows 11 ARM.

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► Timestamps:
00:00 Do I need to buy/activate Windows 11 ARM for M1 Mac?
00:59 Watermark and personalization disabled
01:26 How to activate Windows 11 ARM
02:02 Microsoft EULA
02:42 Parallels and VMware – EULA
03:19 Remove Activate Windows watermark
03:51 Personalize desktop background
04:19 Cheaper gray market Windows keys

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Record screen audio and gameplay (Mac):
Set 16:9 aspect ratio (Mac):
Highlight mouse cursor (Mac):
Display keystrokes (Mac):
Snap windows (Rectangle, Mac):
OBS setup (Mac):
Temperature/fan monitor (Mac):
►► General:
Microphone setup (Blue Yeti):
Greenscreen setup (OBS):
Note-taking (Notion, Mac):
Highlight mouse cursor (Windows):
DIY 2TB SSD USB-C (Mac and Windows):

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