ENCANTO FAMiLY in real life!! Adley Niko & Navey trick or treat our whole neighborhood in costume!


we set a new family record for amount of candy collected! we crushed this Halloween!! 🐀

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Best Candy Day Ever 1349

Happy Halloween!! This is one of our family’s favorite holidays and we look forward to dressing up in our costumes all year long. The year, we decided to be the family madrigal from Disney’s Encanto! Adley is Pepa who controls the weather, Niko Bear is Antonio who can talk to all the animals. Navey is Mirabel with her cute curly hair. Jenny is Dolores and we don’t talk about Bruno or Dad, cause I’m Bruno! The kiddos get to wear their costumes to school so as we are going about our morning routine we also are getting dressed in our costumes. When we are about ready to go to school, Adley finds the dance papers we put up in our Dracula Dad’s Haunted House and we have a mini dance party before we leave.

Jenny is so excited for Halloween that she get into her costume as soon as she can. While She waits for Adley’s school to get out, she helps Niko and Navey make some cookies. They make the dough, and with niko controlling the mixer, throw some dough around the kitchen. They make Halloween and spooky shapes and then go to our table to decorate and do some DYI crafts like designs. Navey makes a beautiful pink bat, niko a blue star and rainbow cat, and he helps Jenny make cookies of all the Rainbow Ghosts! I pick Adley up from school and we head home to help make cookies and to get the rest of the family read to go trick or treating! OH! We also made tons of stickers at the spacestation, and everyone got to take some home and had them out to all the trick or treaters that come by.

With everyone in costume it’s time to head out! Our goal is to hit every house in our neighborhood. Niko and Navey lead the way as we see ghosts, pumpkin, and pumpkins that are throwing up toxic waste! We see some of the kiddos friends from school, a few giants, and we even run into a kid that is dress up as a toilet lol! Watch out for leprechauns!! The kiddos are doing great, going from house to house and saying thank you really well. While we are walking around we see the duck that lives in our neighborhood. He has a little nest and a bath in someone’s yard and just lives here, its so cool!

We did it, we went to every house and the kiddos got tons of candy! We head home to sort everything out, trade candies, and watch some of our favorite Halloween vlogs and Spacestation Animations! While we were out, someone was giving out Pokémon cards, so of course we need to open those up and see if anyone got rare cards like Pikachu. We throw a pizza in the oven and some hot chocolate on the stove. What a fun night! Hope you all had a great Halloween and a Best Day Ever!!

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