Final Cut Pro 2 on M4 iPad Pro: what you need to know


Exceptional hardware, great battery life, incredible screen, so thin and so light, but the M4 iPad Pro, just like every iPad, comes with some software limitations. Apple is on a mission to prove that the iPad can be used for professional work. That includes releasing its own professional apps like Final Cut Pro for iPad, Logic Pro for iPad. This year, Apple is updating both, but is also releasing a brand new standalone video-only app called Final Cut Camera. #Apple #Technology

00:00 Intro
00:56 Hardware (M4 iPad Pro vs. M2 iPad Pro)
01:47 Final Cut Camera
02:20 Final Cut Camera demo
03:28 FCP External storage (importing files, FCP Library, file management)
05:41 What’s new?
06:28 What’s missing?
07:49 Why I love editing on the iPad Pro

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