Fixing My Apple Pencil | Quick and Easy Tip Replacement!

Apple Pencil,iPad

I’ve got a quick and handy tip to share with you today, an apple pencil tips (affiliate link) tip! If you’ve found your Apple Pencil suddenly refusing to write, don’t worry; I’ve been there too. I’ll show you how to get it back in action. Now, when this issue pops up, it’s often a problem with the tip. Simply unscrew the tip – it might look fine, but sometimes they just stop working properly. I replaced mine with a new, genuine Apple tip. Yes, they can be a bit more expensive, but in the long run, they tend to work better and last longer. After screwing on the new tip, voilà! My Apple Pencil is back to writing smoothly! So, if your Apple Pencil is acting up, don’t panic – try a tip replacement like this. I hope this quick fix helps you get back to creating without a hitch.

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