Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra vs 13″ iPad Pro M4 (2024) – FULL Comparison!


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0:00 Intro to Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra vs iPad Pro M4
0:30 Pricing and Options
1:46 Build and Design
3:08 Speaker Quality Comparison
4:22 Display Specs, Quality and Brightness
6:42 Display – Anti Reflection Comparison
7:05 Display – Viewing Angle
7:35 Performance
8:39 iPad Pro Gaming Capability
10:25 Apple Pencil
11:27 S Pen
13:14 Apple App Ecosystem Benefit
13:52 Battery
14:55 Conclusion

In this video, we will compare the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra vs the iPad Pro M4 (2024 model) with the 13-inch display.

So let’s dive in and see what’s going on with these 2 tablets and which one should you buy.

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