Game Porting Toolkit: What Apple DOESN’T Want You to Know


AppleGamingWiki Game Porting Toolkit article:
Tutorial for dual-booting macOS Sonoma:

This video is a tutorial on how to install the amazing Game Porting Toolkit to get DirectX 11 and 12 games running on Apple Silicon Macs. If you require support check the AppleGamingWiki Discord (use the support channel, DO NOT ask in general chat): If you find any new games that work well please make a comment here!

00:00 Apple don’t want you to play DX12 games on Mac
00:56 Does it work TOO well?
01:25 It’s for Developers
02:14 Difficulty level: HARD
02:58 macOS Sonoma
03:14 Download Command Line Tools 15 Beta and Game Porting Kit
03:39 Install
04:16 Terminal commands
05:35 Build (warning takes more than 1 hr)
05:52 Wineprefix
06:18 Winecfg
06:26 Preparing toolkit
06:53 Steam (Windows) install
07:39 Run Steam – black window workaround
08:32 Play DirectX 12 games like Hogwarts Legacy!

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► My Recording Setup:
►► My equipment:
DJI Pocket 2 –
SanDisk Extreme 256 GB –
MacBook Air M1 –
Anker SD Card Reader USB 3.0 –
►► Mac:
Record screen audio and gameplay (Mac):
Set 16:9 aspect ratio (Mac):
Highlight mouse cursor (Mac):
Display keystrokes (Mac):
Snap windows (Rectangle, Mac):
OBS setup (Mac):
Temperature/fan monitor (Mac):
►► General:
Microphone setup (Blue Yeti):
Greenscreen setup (OBS):
Note-taking (Notion, Mac):
Highlight mouse cursor (Windows):
DIY 2TB SSD USB-C (Mac and Windows):

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