🌈 Life Updates: Pink Pants & iMac Adventures! 🎭

Welcome back, amazing viewers! Today, I’m excited to share a whirlwind day in my life as a gay vegan living in the heart of Sweden, working as a dresser at a bustling theatre in Stockholm. 🇸🇪

🌸 Pink Pants Parcel:
The day started with a delightful surprise – a package containing the most adorable pink pants! I couldn’t wait to unbox them and show you how they fit into my vibrant wardrobe.

🚇 Subway Journey:
Next, I hopped on the subway and made my way to Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm. The city’s energy is always invigorating, and today was no exception.

🔧 iMac Pitstop:
My destination: Matcentrumet, a trusted computer repair facility. I decided it was time to give my iMac some much-needed maintenance. Leaving it in their capable hands, I’ll soon have it back in tip-top shape for more creative content!

🎭 Theatre Life:
Back at the theatre, it was all hands on deck. My role as a dresser involves caring for the costumes – from laundry duty to meticulous mending and fixing. Felicia was hard at work washing props, Markus treated us to “Smoke on the Water" on his guitar, and David’s soulful rendition of “All by Myself" filled the air.

🎶 Musical Rehearsals:
In the midst of the backstage bustle, our talented cast was deep into rehearsals, focusing on perfecting those show-stopping bows that leave the audience in awe.

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Join me on this rollercoaster of a day, filled with fashion, tech, and the enchanting world of theatre. Don’t forget to hit that like button, share the love, and subscribe for more captivating moments from my life in Sweden! Stay fabulous! 🌟🎭💻👖#j230906