How to Upgrade a 2019 iMac – New SSD and RAM


My neighbor’s 2019 iMac gets new RAM and an SSD.
I also set up a MacOS Ventura13.5 USB Boot Drive

Teardown and repair begins 02:30

Materials Used:
1TB Crucial MX500 3D NAND SSD:
iMac Screen Wheel Cutter and Adhesive Tape:
Magnetic Repair Mat:
USB 3.0 Thumb Drives (MacOS Boot Drive):
Suction Cups:

Tool Kits:
Bonafide Hardware Repair Kit:
Strebito Repair Kit:
Plastic Spudger Kit:

Screwdriver Sizes Used:
Phillips 00


MacOS Ventura USB Boot Drive Links (Copy/Paste in new window):

MacOS Ventura13.5.1.pkg Official Link:

App Store Link:


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