I refused to sell Wambugu apple business to a white man for 30M, today it’s worth billions | LNN


Today, one Wambugu apple tree makes him a cool Ksh.60,000 after an average production of 500 apples, 4 annual harvests, and a market price of Ksh.30 per apple.

But, the opposite would also be true
Had he sold the Wambugu Apple Concept to an investor over 10 years ago, he would be languishing in poverty and would not have been able to buy his four children large chunks of land

He however maintains without a shadow of a doubt, his wife is the reason he has come this far. Without her, there would be no Wambugu Apple

His daughter Kate will also talk to us extensively about the apple business in Kenya, the do’s and donts and why Wambugu Apple is putting Kenya on the map

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