I Tested $12,000 Worth Of iPad Accessories – Here Are My Top Picks


With new iPad’s being released today, I figure I share with you guys the best iPad accessories I’ve been using/testing over the last while. I’ll cover the basics like cases and then move onto accessories that take your iPad into laptop territory!

As a side note, with the change in form factor for the iPad Pro’s, you’re going to have to wait for manufacturers to catch up with their product offerings so make sure the search results from Amazon are for the 2024 versions of the iPad.

In this video:
0:00 Intro
0:24 Slim Cases
2:09 Tough Cases
3:34 Screen Protectors
7:18 Keyboard Cases
8:52 Stylus
10:38 Chargers
11:41 Battery Banks
13:44 USB-C Hubs
14:38 Mice

-Best Slim iPad Cases-

Pitaka MagEZ Folio 2 iPad Pro – https://mreh.ca/4dEUSLP
Moshi VersaCover iPad Pro – https://mreh.ca/4dB48Rb

-Best Tough iPad Case-

Zugu Ultra Slim Protective Cover iPad Pro – https://mreh.ca/4dE2AWv
Mous Case For iPad Pro – https://mreh.ca/4bFQsCE

-Best Chargers for the iPad-

Anker 735 GaN Prime 67W Charger – https://mreh.ca/44MiN8c
VoltMe Revo 65W GaN Charger – https://mreh.ca/3ynCvuN

-Best Screen Protectors-

ESR Armorite Glass Film iPad Pro – https://mreh.ca/44LX7bZ
Paperlike Screen Protector For the iPad Pro – https://mreh.ca/3UZiinR
Bellemond Removable Magnetic Kent Paper Screen Protector iPad Pro – https://mreh.ca/4aD2qfv

-Best Battery Banks for the iPad-

Anker Prime Power Bank 20k mAh – https://mreh.ca/3K5MVBC
Ugreen 100W Power Bank Fast Charge – https://mreh.ca/3V30yYT
Anker GaNPrime 733 Power bank – https://mreh.ca/3V0z8m9

-Best iPad Keyboard Cases-

Logitech Combo Touch iPad Pro – https://mreh.ca/3WJmpWn
Brydge 12.9 Max Plus – https://mreh.ca/3QIv9IE

-Best iPad Stylus-

ESR Digital Pencil Pro – https://mreh.ca/44HDGky
Stylus Pen For iPad With Palm Rejection JamJake – https://mreh.ca/4amkcmQ

-Best USB-C Hubs For the iPad-

UGreen Revodok 7 in 1 USB-C Hub – https://mreh.ca/4bjQEHY
Benfei 7in1 USB-C Hub – https://mreh.ca/3wEoYys

-Best Computer Mice-

Logitech MX Master 3S – https://mreh.ca/4dB02sl
Logitech MX Vertical Advanced – https://mreh.ca/3WOe5ot

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