Inside Apple’s M3 MacBook Pro: Teardown, X-Rays, and Parts Pairing Drama!


Apple’s new M3 powered 14” MacBook Pro has pulled the plug on its younger sibling, the 13” MacBook Pro. That’s right, Apple’s killing off their line of not-so-pro MacBook Pros. This act of fratricide would be horrific if it wasn’t for the collective sigh of relief when we heard the rest of the news: the unpopular and unrepairable Touch Bar is also gone.
But that’s not the end of the story. While the M3 line brings some performance upgrades, the M3 Pro and M3 Max versions also introduced a new colour: Space Black. Yeah I know, it’s more grey than black but there’s a really fascinating reason for that.

Anodization blog post link: the-space-black-macbook-pro-is-darker-than-ever-its-not-worth-the-upgrade?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=ifixitchannel&utm_campaign=M3ProMBPTD&utm_content=description

Chip ID blog post link (publishing soon!):

M1 & M2 MacBook Pro screen repair blog post link:

00:00 The M3 Series MacBook Pro’s Have Arrived
00:26 A New Anodization Process and a New Color: Space Black
01:00 Space Gray Under the Microscope
01:37 MacBook Pro M3 Pro X-Ray
02:02 MacBook Pro M3 X-Ray
02:20 Opening the MacBook Pro M3 Pro the Apple Way
02:40 MacBook Pro M3 Pro Internals vs MacBook Pro M3 Internals
02:50 Disconnecting the Battery on the MacBook Pro M3 Pro
03:14 Stretch Release Pull Tabs and Removing the MacBook Pro M3 Pro Battery
03:25 Removing the M3 Pro Logic Board
03:58 Examining the M3 Pro’s Modular Ports
04:19 A Closer Look at the Base Model M3 Logic Board
04:41 The Problem with Soldered RAM
06:00 Repairability Assessment of the M3 MacBook Pro Line & Parts Pairing
07:16 Final Thoughts and Scoring the M3 MacBook Pro’s

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