iPad Pro 11-in (M4) Accessories, Basic, Useful and Interesting


Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with the products I’m reviewing in this video. I’m linking to them because I think they are good products, and I want to help my viewers find it. I’m not receiving any financial compensation for linking to the product.

This video showcases basic and interesting accessories for the new iPad Pro 11-inch (M4).
Here are the products covered in the video:

Video Chapters (Time Stamps)
0:00 Intro
0:32 ZAGG Screen Protector Installation
3:41 Apple Smart Folio in Denim
5:21 Emetok Portable Bluetooth Keyboard
7:24 Delidigi Apple Pencil Case
8:37 Delidigi Nib Covers (Apple Pencil)
9:42 Neoprene Tablet Sleeve Zipper Case
11:23 Rolling & Folding Wireless Keyboard
15:39 USB-C magnetic adapters

Product links

ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass Elite Screen Protector:

Apple Smart Folio in Denim:

Emetok Portable Bluetooth Keyboard:

Delidigi Pencil Case (for Apple Pencil Pro):

Delidigi Nib Covers (for Apple Pencil Pro):

Neoprene Tablet Sleeve Zipper Case:

Rolling and Folding Wireless Keyboard with Holder:

USB-C magnetic adapters:

You’ll see my favorite accessories for the new iPad Pro 11-inch (M4). I focus on both practical and interesting options.

For screen protection, I highly recommend the ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass Elite. It’s easy to install and offers great scratch and shatter resistance.

The Smart Folio in Denim is a thin, lightweight case that wakes and sleeps the iPad automatically, and even has multiple standing angles.

For those who like a physical keyboard, the Emetok Portable Bluetooth Keyboard boasts large keys and long battery life all in a very thin and compact size keyboard.

If you use an Apple Pencil, the Delidigi Pencil Case offers protection and the Nib Covers can add a bit of friction to the writing experience.

For travel, the Neoprene Tablet Sleeve Zipper Case provides basic bump and scratch protection with a convenient zipper closure.

Finally, the video also discusses a cool find from AliExpress – a Rolling & Folding Wireless Keyboard. This ultra-portable option folds up small and pairs with various devices via Bluetooth. It even has a built-in stand for your phone or tablet. However, keep in mind potential drawbacks like reliance on AAA batteries and smaller key sizes before you buy.

As a bonus, the video explores the world of USB-C magnetic adapters, highlighting their convenience and ability to prevent port damage.