iPad Pro 13″ Teardown and Apple Pencil Pro Destruction


The iPad Pro 13 inch with the new M4 chip is on our teardown table and it’s thinner than ever. But there’s something truly remarkable inside this device that Apple didn’t mention. This iPad has a repair-friendly change that could save hours in repair time.

Check out our teardown analysis over on our blog: https://www.ifixit.com/News/96021/ipad-pro-13s-hide-a-repairability-win-still-hard-to-fix

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A big thanks to our partners on this teardown!
Creative Electron


Evident Scientific

00:00 Introduction
00:15 iPad Pro 13” X-rays
00:30 Opening the iPad Pro 13”
01:10 Up Close to the iPad Pro 13”s Display
01:40 Removing the iPad Pro 13’ Central Bracket
02:14 Removing the iPad Pro 13’ Battery
03:09 Removing the iPad Pro 13” Daughter Board
03:24 Removing the iPad Pro 13” Logic Board
04:10 The iPad Pro 13” inductive charging mechanism
04:23 Pencil Pro Teardown
04:44 Opening the Pencil Pro
05:30 Pencil Pro Taptic Engine Removal
05:40 Pencil Pro Inductive Charging Port Removal
06:31 Pencil Pro Logic Board Removal
06:58 Pencil Pro Battery Removal

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