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I pre-ordered the iPhone 15 Pro Max on Friday September 15 and nearly 3 weeks later on Thursday October 5, it came in the mail! When I initially ordered the phone, the estimated delivery date was between October 11 and 17, so it ended up arriving earlier. 😊

PS. Sorry for the bad audio. My microphone’s SD card got corrupted, so I had to use the audio from my camera. 😣

Popsocket For Magsafe: https://amzn.to/48RbbCC
Otterbox Lumen Case (for iPhone 15 Pro Max) – America: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/HR0X2ZM/A/otterbox-lumen-series-case-with-magsafe-for-iphone-15-pro-max-blue?fnode=6967df2890f6106684c8fb89c69d96641f0070f79e40b584768e912d3f3e4b66e31491640f9fc4f3bd2c9457d59b3b84ff0e587a9babd31f44ff1a39fde93d9a13d5ddb9fc695791f41676a336f6ff0ed5f5c2d20840d80e77c46226d00f7fd2
Otterbox Lumen Case (for iPhone 15 Pro Max) – Canada: https://www.apple.com/ca/shop/product/HR0X2ZM/A/otterbox-lumen-series-case-with-magsafe-for-iphone-15-pro-max-blue?fnode=c92d24af0dd76a5b05b49c154c96d31edcfebe4852d65792a423292f7fbd64f97b7042c572018e4e26dcfe87ed840fdb7c909c575f1e6fc7c037c0df84ee96609b5a2882b1e654cbd2c1f058959a76c0643083ff98776df875f40202895f756c

Pre-Ordering The iPhone 15 Pro Max: https://youtu.be/DlIts_w9XdI

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