iPhone 16 Pro Max – Apple’s Ai CAMERA Master Plan Explained!


Apple have an Ai CAMERA Master Plan up their Sleeve for the iPhone 16 Pro to 16 Pro Max of a AI Camera Zoom this Year! The iPhone 16 RELEASE DATE is due in September and the LEAKS and RUMORS are getting HOT! Even in iOS18 we will see some BIG Camera Tool Improvements!
Today Lets talk about some of the AI Features for the Cameras that are likely to come to the iPhones in 2024!

I also want to share the latest on the iPhone 16 Pro Max Release Date and Price, specs and a basic hardware summary of everything we know so far

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I also want to share the latest on the iPhone 16 Pro Max and the iPhone 16 Ultra Release Date and Price, specs and a basic summary of everything we know so far.

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For now in these videos we are doing the latest leaks first and a recap of what we know altogether about the iPhone 16 models.

I will also have the latest iPhone 16 Price information for the Pro iPhone models;

iPhone 16 Pro
iPhone 16 Pro Max
iPhone 16 Ultra

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100x Zoom 0:00
How 100x Zoom could work 1:16
Hardware Leaks 3:08
Could older iPhones get better Zoom too? 3:23
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Ai 100x Zoom 6:17

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