“It’s a bad time to buy a Mac”


Well folks it’s happening again, it’s that time of year when the existing Mac lineup is complete and we’re now waiting on Apple’s next generation! And with the completion of the M2 lineup, from the new 15 inch MacBook Air to the M2 Max MacBook Pro all the way to the high end M2 Ultra Mac Studio, many are looking ahead; what’s next? And should I avoid buying a new Mac until something new comes out? Well, if you’re shopping for a new Mac for college, a cheap used Mac, or a powerful workstation Mac for video editing, you might not have that choice. Today I’ll explain why this logic is flawed and show that now is a perfectly good time to buy a Mac!

M2 MacBook Air on Amazon: https://amzn.to/45SKRWv
M2 MacBook Air from Newegg: https://howl.me/ckulok2nbgv
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