I’ve Never Been So Productive | Apple Vision Pro


Last week, we shared our first impression on the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro and started brainstorming how this cutting-edge product can improve our workflows.

Today, we give a first-person perspective on what it looks like to work in the Vision Pro and how it provides a cohesive working environment.
🔑 Key Takeaways:
• The Apple Vision Pro is built for optimal productivity
• It works best when integrated with other Apple products
• Contrary to what many may say, the Apple Vision Pro is easy to adapt into your daily routine

🚀 Chapters:
0:00 → Intro
0:56 → Environments
3:20 → A peek at the apps
5:45 → Step into Mount Hood
6:25 → Different experience levels
8:05 → Fun Vision Pro apps
10:10 → Closing thoughts