I’ve Tested 15+ iPad Styluses – How Does The New Apple Pencil Pro Compare?


Spent a few hours scripting with the new Apple Pencil Pro. I’ve always liked Apple’s styluses and the new Pencil Pro doesn’t disappoint.

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In this video:
0:00 Intro
0:19 First Impression
0:41 2nd
1:06 3rd
1:33 4th
2:24 5th
2:37 What Annoys Me
2:58 My Recommendation

My first impressions:

1. Build quality/finish is the same as the Pencil 2 and the USB-C. And that’s a good thing because the average 3rd party stylus feels incredibly cheap. Like they looked at the

2. I like that Apple kept the nubs the same. I bought a package of replacement nubs 5 years ago and I still get to use them. Sweet. As a side note, apples nubs are rounder than most 3rd party nubs

3. I don’t like the size. For the longest time, I just accepted the fact that stylus were going to be awkwardly long. Like borderline chopstick long. That was until I used the Apple Pencil USB-C version that was a bit shorter and closer to a normal pencil which felt way better in my hand. I was hoping the Pro version would be similar
4. The new Squeeze and Haptic Feedback features of the pencil are really neat. With this new set of features, Apple has added another dimension to the stylus which really sets it apart form all the other 3rd party products I’ve tested. From my perspective, Apple’s redefining what it means to write and draw digitally. Barrel roll falls into that category as well but I think it’s a little annoying because the Apple Pencil doesn’t remember the orientation of said barrel roll. You average to do it everytime.
5. Having find my baked into the pencil is awesome. Losing an Apple Pencil is terrible. I know. I lost my first one a year ago so i bought another one. ONLY to find the first one attached to one of my metal table legs.
6. As a side note, I’m annoyed that Apple decided to remove the ability to use my Apple Pencil 2 on the newest Air’s and Pro’s. I’d rant more about it BUT the price of the Pencil 2 and Pro are the same…

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