JINGWATCH JingMotion (custom watch face) on Apple Watch – Step by Step Tutorial by nurulhananordin

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JINGWATCH JingMotion (custom watch face) on Apple Watch – Complete Step-by-Step Tutorial by Bunga Hana Nordin.



Thank you Bunga Hana Nordin for this awesome video.

1️⃣ Download to your iphone from Apps Store — JingMotion (for user outside of US) : https://apps.apple.com/lk/app/%E9%9D%99%E9%9D%99%E8%BF%90%E5%8A%A8/id1527259518 or
▪️B&Browser (for user from US) : https://apps.apple.com/app/id1539107173
… and click this link for B&Browser tutorial: https://watch.bbqe.com/install_appstore_en.php

(If the US user still want to use App JingMotion, follow these additional steps:
▪️download this Free VPN too, because you need to use VPN in order to use JingMotion.
▪️In the VPN app, pick a country out of US (eg: Europe)
▪️Restart both devices (iphone and watch).
▪️go to VPN app make sure it is turned on with the location out of US.

2️⃣ Open JingMotion, allow all health data access by click Turn All Categories On – Allow.
3️⃣ Make sure JingMotion is also installed in your watch. (Go to Watch app on your iphone, scroll to available apps, and click Install on Jingmotion).
4️⃣ Open JingMotion on both of your iphone and watch. Click OK on your watch.
5️⃣ On your iPhone, in JingMotion, go to Personal and Log in/ sign up. For new user, kindly recharge to enjoy the app.
6️⃣ Go to JingMotion on your iphone, buy any watchface you want, go to My Faces and click send to watch. (Make sure your watch open JingMotion at the same time).
7️⃣ At first, You will only see default watchface which is given.
8️⃣ Wait until pop up “Upload Successful” and you will see your watch displaying the watchface you bought.
9️⃣ Set your Watch setting on your iphone as in images below.
🔟 Please be noted that JingMotion/ JingWatch is only a 3rd party apps. It won’t be able to replace Apple stock watch face as in Face Gallery. See images below.

👍🏻 That’s all.

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