Latest Apple Vision Pro Hands-On! Spatial Computing, Immersive Video, EyeSight & More


This is an in-depth breakdown of the 4th time I’ve used Apple Vision Pro. This time the focus was on Spatial Computing, Immersive Video, and the EyeSight feature. Plus, all the other details I learned from my recent hands-on with Apple Vision Pro.

0:00 Intro
1:56 Spatial Computing
3:00 Moving Apps Around
4:02 'Look To Dictate’ Feature
5:42 Native Apps vs. Compatible Apps
7:08 Working w/ Keynote
10:17 My Spatial Computing Impressions
11:00 Immersive Videos
11:58 Digital Crown Used For Environments & Volume Level
12:52 How Comfortable Is Apple Vision Pro?
14:30 Disney+ App on Apple Vision Pro
16:34 Third Party Environments
18:10 Apple Immersive Video Launch Day Content
20:46 Apple Immersive Video Specs
21:16 Apple Vision Pro Field Of View?
22:53 Experiencing 'EyeSight’ For The First Time
27:47 Pre-Order Information

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