Level Up Your iPad Mini 6 With Useful Accessories


In this video I’ll be sharing with you useful accessories I use with my iPad mini 6 to enhance my overall experience. Make sure to check down below for the timestamps so you can jump to your desired section of the video. Also linked below are all the different accessories mentioned. Hope you enjoy this video, if you do please do give it a thumbs up…comment down below with any questions and most importantly take care of yourself and I will see you in the next video :D.

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00:00 – Intro
00:17 – Screen Protector
01:49 – Smart Folio
03:28 – Apple Pencil 2
04:11 – RiotPWR Gaming Controller
06:15 – Backbone
07:23 – Sling Bag

🔗Links to Accessories:

💰Motcha iPad mini Screen Protector:

💰Apple Smart Folio:

💰Apple Pencil 2nd Gen:

💰RiotPwr Game Controller:

💰Backbone Controller:

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