M3 MacBook Pro: 10 games tested with 8GB RAM


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Quick video demosntrating gaming performance on the MacBook Pro M3 with only 8GB of RAM, is it enough to play games?

00:00 Gaming on the M3 Mac with 8GB RAM?
01:12 Safety first
02:11 Lies of P
03:18 No Man’s Sky
04:31 Isonzo
05:50 Baldur’s Gate 3
07:30 PS3 emulation
08:39 Switch emulation (Zelda, Mario)
10:07 Resident Evil 2 remake
11:29 Cyberpunk 2077
12:11 Diablo IV
12:53 M3 Pro is better?

► Links:
Master M1 game compatibility list: https://www.applegamingwiki.com/wiki/M1_compatible_games_master_list
Please join me on Discord here: https://discord.gg/28CAAr6SpB
Check out AppleGamingWiki: https://applegamingwiki.com

►► Mac:
Record screen audio and gameplay (Mac): https://youtu.be/i6UewWGWfe0
Set 16:9 aspect ratio (Mac): https://youtu.be/TtKNqoCbOaI
Highlight mouse cursor (Mac): https://youtu.be/jDJECtQO97Y
Display keystrokes (Mac): https://youtu.be/1MRQ9DmxmU0
Snap windows (Rectangle, Mac): https://youtu.be/qUPSnDYJU6A
OBS setup (Mac): https://youtu.be/rpYxhzlaDj8
Temperature/fan monitor (Mac): https://youtu.be/ovnDeHiXnKU
►► General:
Microphone setup (Blue Yeti): https://youtu.be/81DsMgR2Qd4
Greenscreen setup (OBS): https://youtu.be/mO4QhV-1rKo
Note-taking (Notion, Mac): https://youtu.be/DaMPeS8Bet8
Highlight mouse cursor (Windows): https://youtu.be/kM0RgM7TDFc
DIY 2TB SSD USB-C (Mac and Windows): https://youtu.be/43X3Mk5vQK4

► Windows gaming on Mac:
►► Windows on M1 Mac Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVxzCteaWnc
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