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**Flexgate Repair Service for MacBook Pro | Maclap IT Care**

Are you experiencing backlight issues with your MacBook Pro? You might be facing the notorious Flexgate problem, a common issue in 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models where the display backlight fails due to a damaged flex cable. At Maclap IT Care, we specialize in Flexgate repair, ensuring your MacBook Pro display functions perfectly again.

**What is Flexgate?**
Flexgate is a term used to describe the backlight failure in certain MacBook Pro models due to a fragile flex cable that connects the display to the logic board. Symptoms include the stage light effect, intermittent backlight issues, and complete backlight failure.

**Our Flexgate Repair Process:**
1. **Diagnosis:** We accurately diagnose the backlight issue to confirm it’s due to Flexgate.
2. **Disassembly:** Our experts carefully open your MacBook and remove the display assembly.
3. **Cable Repair:** We repair the damaged flex cable or replace the entire display assembly if needed, depending on the model.
4. **Reassembly and Testing:** We reassemble your MacBook and thoroughly test the display to ensure the issue is resolved.

At Maclap IT Care, we offer professional and reliable repair services to get your MacBook Pro back to optimal performance. Contact us today for a quick and efficient Flexgate repair service!

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