New iPhone Mirroring on iOS 18 & MacOS 15 Hands On First Look


iPhone Mirroring will allow Mac users to mirror their iPhone’s display to their Mac. This will include interacting with the iPhone, receiving iPhone notifications on your Mac, and seamless drag and drop between your Mac and iPhone.

ⓘTime Stampsⓘ
00:00 – iOS 18 iPhone Mirroring
00:38 – How to enable on iPhone
01:34 – How to enable on Mac
02:05 – iPhone mirroring application on Mac
03:02 – User guide to iPhone Mirroring
03:35 – iPhone mirroring in action
05:37 – iPhone mirroring settings
06:25 – iPhone mirroring Connection issue
06:59 – Issues and bugs
07:33 – downloading applications
07:33 – dragging and dropping files
08:15 – Summary of iPhone mirroring

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