NEW M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max MacBooks are… WEIRD??


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Apple’s 'Scary Fast’ October Apple Event was a quick and dirty affair! We got a slew of new Mac chips including for the first time refreshing the M3 and the M3 Pro and the M3 Max all at once! These chips bring a bunch of exciting new features like dynamic caching, ray tracing, and a new 3nm architecture. But they also introduce some confusion- the lineup is a little wonky now! So today let’s break everything down!

time stamps
0:00 What the heck man
0:07 Major announcements
2:13 Dynamic Caching
2:38 Raytracing!
3:26 New core design
3:58 Unlabeled graphs (smh)
4:37 Is M3 Pro… slow??
5:16 M3 Max looks NUTS
6:06 M3 14 inch MacBook Pro
7:36 M3 Pro MacBook price cut
8:40 M3 Max price INCREASE 🙁
10:06 Coverage schedule!

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