iPad 10 (silver) + accessories aesthetic unboxing  iPadOS 17 homescreen setup, cute keyboard 🤍


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Keyboard Transparent https://shope.ee/6ztF2Hdjxg
Charger cable cover https://shope.ee/7ACfEad6cj
iPad case transparent acrylic https://shope.ee/6fGOdff0de

🌸 Music
[ᴅᴀɴɪ.ʜᴢ] NewJeans – Supershy (ver. lo-fi) https://youtu.be/z-KQyCjxuKQ?si=oU-jLiYjWnHEG6g9
Lukrembo – Hot Mocha https://youtu.be/YYZyRYmJ9gI?si=UT43CmhA07g3zjOm
Lukrembo – Hello https://youtu.be/fDj-x1lERmc?si=lowUjDfm7Io6dg_e
Lukrembo – Early morning in winter https://youtu.be/jx4KXQuJW3I?si=PVjWk72x26gK53bl
Lukrembo – Tea cozy https://youtu.be/IudQit8iV0M?si=OwYXihzyNHCe84Xf
Lukrembo – Concierge lounge https://youtu.be/KM5WJVBImGg?si=zDhidhamPQMlwfAn

Camera : iPhone 13 PRO max
Edit : VLLO, canva
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