M2 iPad Pro 12.9″ (space gray) ✨ Unboxing + Accessories


Happy Holidays, Peeps! 🌟

For those who are new, I’m Chumi and I’m a recent Chemistry graduate navigating the post-grad world. Amidst the chaos, I’ve found time to revisit one of my hobbies—learning! In the coming year, I’m focusing on brushing up my filming and editing skills, and to learn more in the process. I decided to do an unboxing video to start before restarting vlogs. Lets me know in the comments if you have any suggestion! Wishing you all a joy-filled holiday season!

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Chumi 💙


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»Title: 샛별 – Bucket List
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샛별 – Bucket List by 샛별 Daystar https://youtu.be/AOJ0qvffSKA

»Title: SOSO
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SOSO by 샛별 Daystar https://youtu.be/i-XtdTSC2fI


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