Draw with me🎨: Frieren | IPAD ASMR | Full Art Process | Alt Apple Pencil ✏️Testing (TBTIC PEN)

Apple Pencil,iPad

Hello Yt Ppl :DD
It was challenging for me to record with a dog barking background noise, I had to cut/mute some parts TwT (I recorded this on 25th, christmas) I hope it doesn’t ruin the asmr i was aiming for.

ps: Im just a self taught artist, Im not professional. This video is to show my full art process as an improving artist ^w^ + As an ibispaint x phone user for 3 years, I just noticed I built the habit of constantly zooming in, zooming out lol (just got the ipad recently, still learning on using it) hope yall like it^^

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☾ Edit program: capcut
☾ Camera: iPhone 11
☾ Drawing device: Ipad 10th gen, Apple Pencil (1st Gen) and TBTIC alt apple pencil
☾ Drawing program: Ibis Paint X
☾ Brush: Blend Marker and Sketchy Pen (qr code will be posted on my insta soon)

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