【Apple】My sister who stole my fiancé contacted me that she is stealing again…


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【Apple】My sister who stole my fiancé contacted me that she is stealing again!

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The theme of this channel is “Troubles in Relationships and How to Deal with Them. Based on real-life examples, we create videos with a unique world view by avoiding extreme expressions and creating scripts that are easy for viewers to understand and narrators to speak. By introducing diverse human qualities through each video and explaining in an easy-to-understand manner how troubles occurred and what the problems are through our unique explanations, we provide educational values such as how to avoid relationship problems, how to deal with them appropriately, and tips on how to build smooth human relationships.

◎Multiple uses (repetition and reuse) of illustration materials used in the videos
This channel uses several free material sites in its videos. Due to the nature of the videos, there are times when we have no choice but to use the same material, but we select the appropriate material for each scene and use it accordingly. In addition, some of the materials used on this channel may also be used on other channels, but this is due to the nature of free materials, and we do not reuse them in any way. Of course, each video is produced by hand, so it is not automatically generated or mass-produced.