Best NEW Features in iOS 18 Coming to iPhone! 🤯


Explore the best new features coming to iPhone with iOS 18! From a revamped Control Center with customizable pages, enhanced smart home integration, and innovative Genmoji creation, to the long-awaited Send Later for messages and native call recording, iOS 18 has it all. Plus, experience seamless iPhone-to-Mac mirroring, powerful AI tools, and upgraded Siri capabilities. Discover why these features make iOS 18 a must-have update this fall. Don’t miss out—watch now and subscribe for more!

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Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:08 Control Center
1:22 Robotic Vacuums in Home
1:58 Genmoji Creation
2:33 Send Later in Messages
4:22 RCS
4:45 Record Phone Calls
5:11 Mirror iPhone to Mac
6:18 Apple Intelligence

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