m4 ipad pro 13” unboxing 🩵 apple pencil pro, magic keyboard + accessories


hello, today i will be unboxing the new M4 iPad Pro 13” model, 256GB silver color. it’s my first time getting all the pro accessories including the magic keyboard and Apple Pencil pro. I also got a whole bunch of cloud blue accessory with it. 🩵 I couldn’t be more happier! 😭💖 #ipadpro #ipadunboxing
아이패드 프로 언박싱 + 아이패드 악세사리
0:16 iPad Pro unboxing
2:39 screen protector
3:51 set-up
4:33 Apple Pencil pro
7:05 pencil case
8:12 Magic Keyboard
9:46 2in1 iPad case
11:24 cloud pouch
12:08 cloud keyring
🩵 iPad Pro aesthetic unboxing 🩵
Oneul – https://youtu.be/zUBJ7agRonA