Tech Wonderland: 1st Apple Store at The Exchange TRX, Malaysia Exclusive Tour 科技奇幻:苹果店,敦拉萨国际贸易中心独家体验


Join me on an exclusive tour of the Apple Store at The Exchange TRX in Kuala Lumpur! Discover the latest Apple products, explore the store’s stunning design, and experience the innovative technology firsthand. From the newest iPhones and MacBooks to incredible accessories, this tech wonderland has it all. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey through one of the most cutting-edge Apple Stores in Malaysia. Like, comment, and subscribe for more tech adventures!

独家参观马来西亚首个苹果店 在吉隆坡The Exchange TRX!探索最新的苹果产品,欣赏商店的惊艳设计,亲身体验创新科技。从最新的iPhone和MacBook到令人惊叹的配件,这个科技仙境应有尽有。不要错过这趟令人兴奋的旅程,探访马来西亚最前沿的苹果店之一。喜欢、评论并订阅以获取更多科技冒险内容!