Unboxing and pink accessories new iPad Pro M4 Silver13(512GB) and Apple Pencil Pro ✨ I Coleen Shine


Hi! I was surprised because I wanted to get a new iPad but my mom bought it for me. I am so happy! Thank you for the new tablet. I miss my mom, and I hope she will come to the Philippines so we can spend time together and travel anywhere. She knows I always fill up the storage on my laptop with the drawings I create using the drawing tablet, because I draw so much 😂😂

If you want to buy accessories on Shopee, here is a list with links:
* iPad bag https://ph.shp.ee/KX6MLhs
* iPad case https://ph.shp.ee/4eJtTdb
* Pencil case https://ph.shp.ee/UEvuXTz
* Protective drawing screen https://ph.shp.ee/zuyT1Gb

My sister assisted me in putting music on so that anyone listening could hear it.

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