NEW 2023 Alpine Loop Bands for Apple Watch ULTRA 1 & 2 (ALL COLORS) Review & [Hands-On] + GIVEAWAY🥳

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🔥 Get ready, folks! TheJuan&Only is back with another band review that’s about to set your world on fire! 🔥 We’re in the midst of a band revolution, and you can join the ultimate Apple Watch community in Club 10:09 on Discord. But, hold onto your hats because today, we’re diving into the brand new Alpine Loops crafted exclusively for the Apple Watch Ultra 2. 🍏⌚

Before we jump in, let me clarify – these bands are designed for Ultra watches but are compatible with the larger casing Apple Watches (42/44/45 mm). Smaller watch faces, sorry, you’re out of luck! 🤷‍♂️

And as always, if you’re new here, stick around until the end to discover how you can be the lucky winner of one of these bands, courtesy of yours truly! Plus, keep those peepers peeled as we’ve hidden a band somewhere in this video. If you spot it, comment the timestamp for a chance to win an ADDITIONAL giveaway, exclusive to the Noti Gang! So, don’t miss out! 🎉⌛

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Ladies and gentlemen, seasoned Bandaholics, you know this is one of the freshest bands in town. These bands made their debut last year with the rugged Ultra, and this is their first-ever refresh. They might cost $99 each, but trust me, they’re worth every penny. Durable, stylish, and truly unique. 🌟💪

Let’s kick things off with the Olive Alpine Loop. It may seem simple at first, but its versatility is where the magic lies. It’s a chameleon, effortlessly complementing any outfit. From a white tee and khakis to a dark blue rain jacket and jeans, this band has you covered. The green hue is a refreshing twist, earning it a solid 8.1/10! 🌿🧡

Next up, the Blue Alpine Loop. Apple’s done something cool here; it’s not as dark as you’d expect. The dual-tone blues make it perfect for outdoor adventures. With rich royal blue and hints of navy blending into lighter shades and grays, it’s a visual masterpiece. A versatile gem, scoring a slick 8.3/10! 🌌💙

And now, Indigo, a stunning mix of purple hues that screams fall fashion. The wine-like tones in the middle add depth, while the titanium lugs and g-hook complete the look. It’s the perfect purple band for the Alpine Loop line, earning a fantastic 9.1/10! 🍂💜

There you have it, folks! A quick rundown of these three magnificent bands. Modeled on the Ultra but also a perfect fit for stainless steel and some titanium Series 7 watches. Which one’s your favorite? Tell me in the comments below! 🗣️👇

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Best of luck to everyone entering the giveaway! That’s all for today, folks. Stay safe, stay hydrated, and I can’t wait to catch you in my next video! Until then, keep rocking those bands! ✌️💧👋


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