🎀 ipad air 5 aesthetic unboxing (pink) – genshin graphics, accessories, digital notes + snacks


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pls watch in 1080p/hd for better viewing !

product links of the accessories shown in this video:

GOOJODOQ stylus pen //
GOOJODOQ GD13 Stylus: https://dwz6.cf/s/iZ1gL
Coupon: GOOJ10081

ACEFAST earbuds //
20% OFF CODE: moonlitcafe

YUNZII KZZI Z98 Keyboard //
KZZI Z98 Pro

hello friends,
in today’s video, i did an unboxing of the ipad air 5 (pink) 256gb. i also got accessories for this ipad and tested them out. lastly, i tried playing genshin impact on this ipad, and showed my graphics settings. i was really happy to finally upgrade from an ipad air 4 since this version of the ipad has the m1 chip, making it stronger for genshin and other games~

// i hope you guys will enjoy this vid //

disclaimer: this video has no intention of bragging, i only filmed this for content, and so that i can share how genshin is like on this ipad since i know a lot of people are curious 🙂

see you in the next vid,

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// timestamps
00:00 – intro
00:22 – ipad air 5 unboxing
02:26 – accessories for the ipad
02:35 – GOOJODOQ stylus pen
04:01 – digital notes on the ipad
04:41 – ACEFAST earbuds
06:19 – snack break from tokyotreat & sakuraco
08:24 – YUNZII keyboard
10:51 – genshin graphics settings
11:27 – connecting controller to ipad
12:03 – genshin gameplay on the ipad air 5
15:09 – outro

// music used
Chillpeach – 2:00 AM: https://youtu.be/rKi3oL2UDew?si=819nKWtOU3c7FXQa
Oneul – https://youtu.be/SyHbCJdLCEI?si=qsC-hVQzM-QHw7rE
Oneul – https://youtu.be/h_4Vw4zcJS8?si=DXp-hJSCO6QOtV2A
Chillpeach – Taiyaki : https://youtu.be/zde7oFYW4Zg?si=tSA8FUbucBXWi9Na

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